Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Photos from the Baptism pilgrimage

The pilgrimage down to the Jordan for the Baptism of the Lord (see my previous post) included a procession along the last kilometre to the river, Mass at the banks of the river, a trip up to the Mount of Temptation (where Jesus is traditionally supposed to have spent his forty days in the desert, right after his baptism), and lunch at the Franciscan friary in Jericho. Here follow some photos from the day.
The friars are ready to march

Still waiting

Jesus had some serious desert to cross;
but at least he didn't have to contend with barbed wire.
The procession finally arrives at the shrine on the banks of the Jordan
The Eastern Orthodox church on the eastern bank
A rare selfie

More people on the eastern shore went into the water

These Israeli soldiers didn't seem to think us much of a threat:
one was having a snack and the other was checking her phone.

Milling around after the Mass
Another hazard that Jesus didn't have to contend with

Ascending the Mount of Temptation

I thought we were supposed to pray not to be led into Temptation?

A weary friar surveys the view of Jericho

The Greek Orthodox monastery clinging to the slopes of the mountain

Lunch at the friary in Jericho
(paid for by all you Catholics who contributed to the annual collection for the Holy Places)

Thank you!

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